The Conveyancing Association

Your Conveyancer is the only Scottish member of the Conveyancing Association.

The Conveyancing Association is the only trade body in the residential property sector which represents the interests of conveyancing firms in the UK who fall into the category of ‘Serious Conveyancers’. Since its launch, the Conveyancing Association has developed a significant presence in the sector and its members now carry out over two thirds of all UK mortgaging work and 15% of all UK property transactions.

The Conveyancing Association is a not-for-profit association of conveyancing firms whose objectives are to improve the experience for the home moving public, to encourage greater collaborative working, to take a fresh and innovative approach to that process and to raise standards and co-operation with all others involved in pursuit of those objectives.

As a member of the Conveyancing Association, Your Conveyancer is proud to support and uphold the Conveyancing Association Pledges which are designed to make the process of buying a house smoother and more efficient for our clients and partners elsewhere in the transaction.

The Pledges ensure that, as a member of the Conveyancing Association, we provide all of our customers with the transparent, efficient and professional service that home-buyers should expect when making one of the biggest commitments of their lives.